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Chandi Anusthan

Embark on a Yatra to Varanasi, the holy city on the Ganges, and participate in a powerful Chandi Anusthan. Dharmik Bharat Yatra Foundation is your guide on this journey of profound spiritual growth.

A Sacred Offering in a Holy City: The Essence of a Varanasi Chandi Anusthan

A Chandi Anusthan is a dedicated practice focused on the Devi Chandi, another name for Durga, the embodiment of feminine power. This elaborate puja involves reciting the Durga Saptashati Path, a collection of sacred verses, over a specific period. 

Benefits of a Varanasi Chandi Anusthan Pilgrimage

A Chandi Anusthan pilgrimage to Varanasi offers a multitude of benefits:

Seeking Divine Blessings: Performing the puja in this holy city is believed to be particularly auspicious. Seek Devi Durga’s blessings for success, prosperity, and protection, amplified by the sacred atmosphere of Varanasi.

Overcoming Obstacles and Inner Strength: Just like Durga conquers challenges, the puja empowers you to overcome yours. 

Spiritual Growth and Transformation: Varanasi’s unique energy combined with the puja creates a powerful environment for self-discovery and spiritual transformation.

Embrace the Divine with Dharmik Bharat Yatra Foundation

Whether you wish to perform the puja in serene temples or on the sacred Ganges banks, Dharmik Bharat Yatra Foundation is here to guide you. Our experienced pandits ensure the puja is performed with utmost care, maximizing the benefits of this sacred ritual. Embrace the transformative power of a Chandi Anusthan in Varanasi – contact Dharmik Bharat Yatra Foundation today to begin your pilgrimage.