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Pitra Shradh: Honoring ancestral souls and their blessings.

The word Shradh comes from sanskrit word “śraddha” meaning faith or devotion

This sacred observance holds immense importance and offers countless benefits to those who perform it with devotion and sincerity. 

Importance of Shradh rituals

The soul may traverse through various lokas after death and these rituals aim to ensure a smoother passage preceding their reincamation and reappearance on earth.

How to perform Shradh


One common practice is to perform Tarpan the act of offering water mixed with sesame seeds and barley to satisfy(tript) the souls of our ancestors. This act symbolizes our wilingness to provide nourishment and support to their eternal existence.

Pind Daan

Pind daan is a ritual performed to aid soul in attaining moksha. The ritual involves offering pinds (dough balls made of rice, wheat flour, milk , honey, etc.) along the banks of sacred rivers like the Ganges followed by donation such as brahman bhoj, gau daan.

Benefits of performing Shradh

It is written in Vayu Purana that the pitra, satisfied by the Shradh always carry forward their families. 

Where to perform Shradh


Performing shradh in Kashi purify the souls of the departed and help them attain moksha.


The holy banks of triveni sangam, the presence of Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati enhances the significance of shradh ritual ensuring spiritual benefits for the departed soul.


 Shradh ceremonies in Bodh Gaya lead to release the soul from cycle of birth and death allowing the soul to ascend to pitralok.


The vishnu smriti mentions “श्राद्धमेतन्न कुर्वाणो नरकं प्रतिपद्यते” which translates to he who does not performs shradh attains hell.

Let us embrace this opportunity to honor our ancestors and celebrate the eternal bond that exists between generations.

How Dharmik Bharat Yatra Foundation can help you

Pitra Shraadh

Have you ever closed your eyes and felt a familiar touch on your shoulder, a whisper of love on the breeze? During Pitru Paksha, also known as Pitri Paksh, It is believed that the gates of heaven are open and the souls of our ancestors come down to Earth. This is a time to remember them with love and gratitude, and to offer them food and prayers.

Pitru Paksha,also known as Pitri Paksh or Kanagat,is a 16-day period when Hindus pay homage to their ancestors.

The word “Pitru” means “father” and “Paksha” means “fortnight”. So, Pitru Paksha literally means “fortnight of thefathers”. We perform Shradh,a ritual meaning “to offer,” is a beautiful ritual performed during this time, in which Hindus offer food and prayers to their ancestors.

There is a sacred mantra called Pitra

Shradh Mantra, that is chanted during the Shradh ritual. It is a prayer for the peace of the ancestors’ souls. The Pitru Paksh Mantra is:

*0m sarvebhavantu sukhinah*

*Sarve santu niramayah*

*Sarve bhadräQi paéyantu*

*Mä kaécid duhkha bhäg bhavet*

This mantra means:

*May all be happy*

*May all be freefromdisease*

*May all see auspiciousthings* *May no one suffer*

At its core, PitruPaksha is about the beautiful, unbroken thread that connects us to our ancestors. It isn’t just memories;it’s a feeling.

Share stories with younger generations,cook a cherished family recipekeep the love alive. Even a simple act like lighting a diya or planting a tree honors their memory.

Let this time reconnect you to your ancestors,no matter how busy life gets.